Міжнародна науково-практична студентська конференція

International Scientific and Practical Student’s Conference among Higher Educational Establishments of Medical Education with international participation by foreign languages.

“Soft Skills – Technologies of Higher Education Internalization and Skills of Medical Practitioner’s Success»

         On the 5th of March Kamyanske Medical College opened the doors of their conference hall to meet the students of scientific and practical conference among Higher Educational Establishments with international participation. Iryna Pysarevska – the Dean, candidate of medical sciences, headed the delegation from Dnipro Medical Institute of traditional and untraditional medicine.

Natalia Lonchuk – the Deputy Director for educational work, opened the conference by greeting all its members. Her report was about competently oriented student’s development in the process of getting education in the Medical College, was made a definition of “Soft Skills” and showed their examples in educational process.

Our international participants submitted their projects to us. These were presentations on different subjects. Dr. Mursel Beyazkoy from Turkey has discussed the topic about naturopathy and healthy way of life. Mariam Abidi and Amoah Blessing Sylvester – the third year students, told as about traditions of healthy way of life in Tunisia and traditions of medicine in Gana.

The students of our college combining creativity and artistry, knowledge and skills have shown the visiting card of  Kamyanske Medical College. Our guests had the greatest possibility to watch video flashmob  “The pulse of life”, to look at modern dancing style, to listen to reports about time management and untraditional methods of physical training education, to feel the full weight of art-therapy.

At the end of conference all the participants were given their certificates.Our guests were interested in viewing an expositional excursion to our “Museum of History of Medicine”.

Tetyana  Shytykova, teacher of clinical disciplines

Karina Berkut, teacher of English